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Following "Oscillations" and "Dualità" (Paraty Records), his two previous opuses which were noticed for their fineness of interpretation and quality of repertoir (Satie, Glass, Duckworth, Cage, Gorecki, Rudhyar...), Silas Bassa  startles us today with "SILAS" (Klarthe Recods/Pias distribution), his most personal album to this day.

Composer and performer of each of the ten pieces presented in this album, here the artist unfolds a fascinating world, both very modern yet resolutely timeless, meditative and fiery.

From sensual reverie to combative rage by way of interior dialogue, dance, drama or fantasy, Silas Bassa explores a whole range of emotions and relentlessly reveals poetic windows.

This new work is a surprise journey, riddled with familiar landscapes, luxurious or barren, rich in contrasts and depths. The general tonality portrayed is one of a generous artist. Thriving with images, he combines Argentina’s vast pampas with Paris’s secret back streets, or with the calm gaze of a cat staring at a wriggling fish. And always that feeling of fusion, enigmatic and magma like, as if emerging from a volcano of the Andes.

Perfectly aligned with his ideal as a free artist in motion, his exploration at times turns into a headlong rush, and at others a salute to his masters.  His irrepressible vitality outlines  a brand new territory in which one takes pleasure in getting lost.

Maybe even a refuge ?

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